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The Village Voice loves our Dinner & Drinks will you!

"Colombian Aguardiente: A Drink That May Make You Punch Someone in the Face"

Join us for daily Happy Hour at
NYC's First Aguardiente Spirit Bar

Aguardiente-based Cocktails
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$4 Margaritas | $4 Mojitos | $3 Guaro Shots

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Chef Fernando on Prime TV Introduces
New Dinner Menu & Aguardiente Bar

 Watch Chef Fernando on Prime TV Here!
America's Best Travel Magazine
 has featured our Chef Fernando
in its Wandering Chef Column
 on the Spring 2011 issue.


Our Full Dinner MENU
"Enjoy Excellent Latin Food"

  "Brooklyn's Top Brunch Spot"


Cafecito Bogotá is the only 100%-owned Colombian Gourmet Dinner & Brunch Restaurant and New York's First Aguardiente Spirit Bar located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  It is also the only authentic Bogotano restaurant in the city of New York.

Hearty, traditional Colombian dinner is served nightly.   A great variety of creative Mounted Arepas and fine South American  wines and beers are offered daily in our exciting menu.

In his Dining & Wine Column , NY Times Food Critic, Dave Cook has entered a "New World" of cuisine in his Dining & Wine Column published on January 21, 2009. His Under $25 article cheerfully reviews Bogotá’s unique menu items that include neighborhood’s all-time favorite Dinner Mounted Arepas, South American Wines, hearty Colombian Brunch and Breads. Mr. Cook enjoys the “… surprising flavors from South America.” offered at C-Bogotá Wine & Arepa Bar.

 Continuing with the “must-have substance” concept embedded in their food and establishment, Bogotá's owners Oscar and F:Hernando Varela have

expanded their creations by utilizing additional all-natural, organic (when possible), often-imported, exotic ingredients, which translate their fare into truly undiscovered, savory and bold food.
For the uninitiated, Mounted Arepas are described as “broader, flatter, piled high with toppings and best approached with knife and fork.” by Mr. Cook.  

Hearty dinner choices include authentic country dishes such as Bandeja Paisa, Coconut Shrimp, Chicken Stew among many others, and a rich variety of Arepas  —bursting with ¡sabor!— topped with sensational, gourmet choices that are reminiscent of exotic produce and flavors from Colombia’s main regions and beyond: Bogotá and Medellín represent the Andes, Cartagena embodies the Caribbean coast, Llanera stands for the Eastern plains and Caleña evokes the Pacific coast. Vegetarian Boyacá and Puntaverde also nicely intensify the menu.

As for the wine selection, an equally-exotic list of South American and Spanish wines and beers make the cut.

Dinner options are finely enhanced by Argentine Malbecs, Southern-Brazilian Pinots, Chilean Carménéres, Spanish Riojas and Verdejos, 

Additionally, Bogotá's unique Brunch menu offers authentic Andean Light Soups among many other delicious items, including Chángua Bogotana (Egg and Melba toast chowder), Caldo de Tortilla, (Potato and scrambled eggs in scallion broth) as well as Huevos Pericos (Scallion-and-tomato scrambled eggs with Arepa Paisa) and Colombian Steak ‘n Eggs, slowly cooked in onion, plum tomato and herbs sauce. Bogotá's innovative menu and great ambiance manifested in its inviting interior design and delicious “…cuisine still awaits many New Yorkers” who enjoy discovering great food “...beyond Mexico and the Caribbean.”

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