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“No tiene sustancia” was what Cafecito Bogotá's (C/Btá) owners Oscar and Fredy Hernando Varela sometimes heard from Mom when referring to bland-tasting food in their family’s kitchen back in 1980's Bogotá. So it came naturally that their first food enterprise was to embody the “must-have-substance” concept from their upbringing: Food and its surroundings must have “sustancia” evidenced by great flavors shared in a charming place full of meaningful character.

Hailing from world-renowned, top caviar importing house, Petrossian where he worked as a 5-year Assistant Manager, Oscar, who is also a Forensic Psychologist, teamed-up with F:Hernando, a Chemical Engineer who has taken it upon himself to evolve and expand Colombian cuisine and New Yorkers’ palate through NYC's First Colombian Restaurant with an Arepa & Wine Bar.

As a result, the brothers are considered 2 of the most influential Colombians in NYC, who are "Making a Mark" according to the AMNY newspaper published on July 15, 2010.

Partially gay-owned and operated C/Btá was established in 2006 in fabulous Greenpoint-Brooklyn, but it transformed in June 2008 from one of the neighborhood's all-time favorite coffee-houses to NYC's First Colombian Restaurant with an Arepa and Wine Bar. In line with Brooklyn’s character, Bogotá’s warm décor is an overt political statement of the Latin America reality portrayed through a Colombian lens. Antique posters of 1940’s Bogotá City and vintage photographs of the tumultuous and most significant political event in Colombia’s modern history, Jorge Eliécer Gaitán's assasination and El Bogotazo decorate the ample space throughout.

Additionally, a chic découpage crafted with Colombian-imported newspapers beautifully clothes a back anchoring service bar, and makes a bold testament of the owners’ independent ideals incorporated during childhood.

 Through its innovative food and great ambiance, C/Btá’s Restaurant effortlessly achieves the owners’ cherished “must-have-substance” concept, and presents fine diners with glorified choices of Colombia’s preeminent foods.